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Up to date I am owner of GB-Buralli Giancarlo firm established in 2001, and from a long time (forthy years) my job is in the paper field, whether in production and commerce of paper machinery or in paper converting.
In the sixty and seventy years I worked in domestic field, and it gave me the opportunity to gain a large knowledge. In eighty years I built paper plants also out of Italian borders and in ninety years I was often out of Italy as consultant for start up of same plants. This fact gave me the opportunity to make more deep and strong than before my experience and increase my knowledges in paper technology in different national reality. Now in twothousand years I start with a new Firm because I have so much interest in this job and I realized a complete plant for fluting paper and test-liner in Russia.
During all these years, in wich I have worked with engagement and enthusiasm, I carried out many paper plants. I realized too for my Customers machines or ancillary equipments suitable for their need.
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